Android Auto options in E90 3 Series M Sport

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Hi All,

I'm new here and about to purchase a 2007 E90 3 Series M Sport 4Dr.

At present the one I'm looking to go for has the standard BMW Professional audio system and the climate control rack below. (See attached image).

I was wondering if anyone has any experience installing an Android Auto style system (I know there are ones from Kenwood or the Sony XAV-AX100 attached), and if they will fit easily with the space currently available? I'm very new to BMW's and even installing aftermarket entertainment systems, but I think fascias etc will be needed?

Look forward to any and all replies, and thanks for reading!




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Hi Bob...welcome to the Club

I would highly recommend a reputable Android aftermarket system and see what is available in the way of fascia and plug adapters to make installation easy and error-free.

I personally believe that the latest systems offer so many functions that way exceed the OE equipment but bear in mind I did state 'reputable' make (e.g. Sony) as the cheaper Chinese systems are very poor quality in comparison.

Let us know how you get on with it all

Cheers,    Trevor

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Check out Dynavin they have developed some fully integrated systems that come with the facia and fitting kits. I had a Dynavin in my 4.4 very good system that was fully integrated with the cars Ibus system.

Your car has Most to integrate with so you can maintain the driver information and parking systems it will also have canbus integration so steering wheel controls still work. Their units have I play and Android integration built in now I believe


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