New M6 Owner - Wanting an eisenmann race exhaust

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Hi Guys,

I've recently brought a 2005 BMW e63 M6. Immaculate condition, only 65,000 miles. Although it is lovely stock, I feel like it could be heard more from a little further away. I want to put a Eisenmann race exhaust on it but I am not wanting to spend the £1500 price tag for them. Does anyone know of anyone that has a used one that they are wanting to part with for some money? Or know where I may be able to find one?

Also, would everyone recommended this? I've read that a lot of people are doing muffler delete as a cheaper alternative but I do like the idea of an Eisenmann. I've also looked into a custom exhaust but I feel you loose the V10 sound.

Any help would be great!




M6 Back.jpg

m6 front.jpg

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Hi Jake...welcome to the Forum

Great looking car!  

I always work on the principle of getting the best you can for the money and I think the Eisenmann is worth the high cost 

Let us know how you get on with this

Cheers,   Trevor

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