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First does the TV option show on the main screen? A 2005 should have the digital tuner fitted already I believe, so it may be it just needs re-tuning. They do seem to need re-tuning a bit if the signal isn't strong. If all you get on selecting TV is snow then I would guess you have an analogue tuner and need to add a freeview box or upgrade to a BMW Digital tuner (over priced).

My tuner works but I have to say that is more due to my obsession with "if it's fitted it must work" than actually using it. From what I have read Digital signal on the move is rubbish and if your stationary remember the engine will need to be running or you will flatten the battery in no time.

There are several companies that will fix a broken tuner but it isnt cheap the TV tuner is buried in the boot under the spare wheel and suspension compressor with the radio tuner and the battery.

Fingers crossed it's just a re-tune needed find a known strong signal area and try.


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