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I only was given 1 key with my car. I have been told that getting another one is very expensive as it has to come from BMW and then be programmed. The advice I am after is (a) does it have to be BMW and (b) how much should I be looking at paying to get a completely new key.

Thanks in advance

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I had a replacement key last year due to the main key I use everyday being just plain worn out and knackered. Ordered from BMW (all they need is your Vin or your key they can read it} £120 including VAT and they coded it to the car as well, it took 2 days to arrive. I know there are lots of adds for keys but beware I think the engine ECU/immobilizer needs to read a chip and the alarm central locking are coded to the Fob.

I don't know what BM you have I would talk to the Dealers 

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