New To The Forum And Bmws, Electrical Fault?

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Hello there i am new to the forum, and new to BMWs! Got myself a 335d e92 msport and love it, but this week it's starting to play up by doing this on startup, it starts in the end but then puts on a random fault.. But as soon as you turn back off and on the fault dissapears and is as normal. Annoyed and just want to know what's wrong haha. Cheers video should be attatched and dont know if ive posted in right place!

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I would get the battery checked BMW's are power hungry beasts if your battery is below its best low voltage can throw up all sorts of spurious unrelated faults.

Starter motors on the X5;s can be a pain they begin to draw excessive current causing starting issues and throwing unrelated fault codes.

I would start with a battery check simple things first

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