E46 330d Nav Unit

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Hi all!

I have not long picked up my first BMW after needing something a bit more economical but still pretty fast after coming from a Focus ST haha

I have a few questions though regarding the Nav unit it has.

First off, it seems to have phone/bluetooth? how am i suppose to link my phone to the unit, is it only via the physical port I see under the arm rest?

It also seems to have TV, but only shows static, I'm guessing this is because analog had pretty much died, can I convert this to digital at all?

Also, the Map DVD seems to a from 2008, whats the latest one I can get for this unit?

And lastly, Someone seems to have wired an iPhone cable to this unit, which im guessing removed the 6 cd canger ability.

How are these usually wired in, and Would it be easy to chan​ge to an AUX instead?

Any help is greatly apreciated!



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Hi and Welcome

I hope you enjoy your new toy.

Assuming its the BMW OEM system you have then the head unit is literally that, all the parts Radio, TV unit, CD player, Nav unit are located in the boot.

First check the on screen menu does it show Computer, Navigation Aux Vent Television and Telephone

Select telephone if it says something like phone not active or phone not connected in the centre console you should have a pairing button (voice symbol) if you have blue tooth. Press and hold turn ignition on and the screen should show pairing mode. Check your hand book for the pass key you need it to connect. If its not there it should be on the label on the unit in the boot. If there is no pairing button (not the one on the steering wheel) then you may have phone preparation only.

TV all you need is Video interface cable and a digital tuner (ebay is a good source) and its plug and play in the boot.

Nav first check the unit in the boot if it has DVD on it it is MK4 and will have full European maps. if not it is MK3 and CD based

try Rusty is well recommended

I hope this helps

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Sorry missed a bit if someone has fitted a Grom or similar unit to allow Ipod connection it normally plugs into the Cd Changer plugs in the boot if you use the mode button you should see Radio, Tape, CD, as you press through the menu. The ipod replaces CD if a Grom type unit has been fitted.

There is an Aux connection normally in the loom behind the head unit most people put the connection in the glove box. You can also have the BM54 Radio unit in the boot upgraded to allow Aux input

Me I like everything OEM so I use an FM transmitter for the Ipod connection which works fine for me.

BMW bluetooth isn't the best (polite description) so wont allow streaming many fit a Parrot or similar to get full functionality. Me I dont stream Music from my phone so the basic bluetooth is fine.

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