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Scotland Meets


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Ladies and gents,

As a fairly new member, and also being new to the marque, I would be very interested in any meets with other members in Scotland. A chat and/or drive with fellow members would be great.

I am aware of a previous attempt by Amy1coupe to organise a meet, did this take off?

I am not in any way putting myself forward as the man to organise this lol (i am new after all) but I would be willing to help get this off the ground?

Any takers folks? Surely this is a big part of why we all joined this club?

I attended many meets with fellow owners of my previous car owners club, which were always enjoyable affairs. Also just good to talk and compare notes and gripes etc (of which their were a few with my previous motor lol)

Hopefully we can get some chat going, and get this off the ground?

Feel free to get me on here or on Facebook, Paul Copeland from Glenrothes.

Amy1coupe, if you fancy trying again gimme a shout and i'll see if I can give you a hand?



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At the risk of breaking any rules: See the links below, there's a meet at least once a month.

The main forum I hing aboot on


Facetube link

Sunday 7th Sept.
I'd say meet at McD's at the Forth Road Bridge at 9:30 for a 10:00 (sharp) depart. According to Google, the journey to Couper Angus is 1 hour 2 minutes so this will tie in very nicely.
Meeting at FRB
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