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  3. Hi Steve After key removal BMW's take around 15 mins to shut down, it tests and shuts down systems there is an indicator light beside the Gearshift when its out your car is asleep. On my X5 my dash cam is wired to the interior light power above the interior mirror been there 4 years now and no flat battery Dave
  4. Hi Clive Take a look at Carly for BMW there are few users on the UK forums who are happy with it, it's down side is it is subscription. I don't know if there is a Torque app for BMW or what it is capabilities are. Dave
  5. Ps. Is there a good bluetooth phone app (Android) for BMW? I have Torque and a bluetooth dongle that I have used for the SUBY and it is really easy/helpful. I find it really nice to get on the phone, which I always have vs USB/laptop etc. I reckon I need both setups. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Dave, I will see about the program switch off/delete for now... seems pretty common to see the tire light on these cars. I drove three cars here and all of them had the tire light combined with adequate tires and pressures. I have tire sensors on my wife's 1998 C5 Corvette that work and report pressures on all front and rear tires. I was a bit disappointed with the 2010 system not reporting pressures, primitive for state of the art. Looking forward to getting some winter tires, maybe I can find some stock 17" rims that have sensors as well? Thanks for your
  7. Morning Clive Whoop whoop welcome to the gang. One of the guys on the X5 forum in the UK brought tyre pressure sensors from Amazon and they worked straight out of the box, worth a look. Or you can turn off the the tyre check program using a Diagnostic program, personally if it's there I like it to work. On my brother inlaw's 5 touring I used a piece of nylon coated washing line to clear the drain channels, done it 3 times now as he has to park near trees. Enjoy the new car Dave The transfer case on the Subaru had a crack allowing the oil to leak then low oi
  8. Also, found out the tire pressure alarm was on because the 17" wheels were replaced with 18" not run flat tires and no sensors in the wheels. I bought the car this afternoon $7500 CAD taxes included (13% here) I will be getting the road worthy certificate and change the plates/ownership myself. Pickup Monday! Cheers
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  10. OK I took the back of the car out, spare tire and everything I could easily remove, there are no traces of any water or damage and it looked remarkably fresh under the floor and in the compartments. Under the car likewise looks fresh and not rusty or corroded at all, for a 10 year old 250,000km vehicle it looks quite good. I'm negotiating with the used car place right now - I may buy it "as is" and safety it myself plus do the transfer and plates myself. I will keep you posted!
  11. I Have a 2005 740 Li but apparently none of the fuses close down when parked or key removed and stay live so can't install dash cams as will drain battery, does anyone know of a relay I can buy that can be fitted to power source.
  12. Excellent, nice to know the little auto will do the work (Broke once? Transfer case?) I'm going to look at the 535xi today, the tire warning light is on so, I am checking pressures and looking in the trunk, battery and under the spare tire for signs of water. This car has the dreaded PANO roof along with it's problems. The rear door has some rust showing, bottom of the window and the gas struts are rusty looking. I am not too worried about this stuff - the car is going pretty cheap $7k cad - the electronics would be a real issue. (I had an issue with a SUBY double sun
  13. Morning Martin Welcome to the Forum I never even thought about this before ?? As BMW have such a diverse options list for new car build I am not sure how you would check apart from physically looking inside So I am not much help I am afraid, have you fired a question to BMW Customer services they may shock you with a useful answer 😁 Dave
  14. Morning Lee Welcome to the Forum Does the noise rise and fall with engine rev's ? It could be a failed ballast suppressor on the Alternator Or is the noise there with the engine off ? It could be a fault with the Amp or speakers Dave
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  16. I'm think about remapping my 318 sport 2010 plate is this worth doing. Some one said it's can infect injectos is this true cheers
  17. Hey I have a high pitch noise coming from the sterio I think you can turn down the volume but it's still there driving me mad cheers
  18. Hi I'm looking at 1 series from about 2012 to 2014/15. I've noticed that quite a few of them don't have vents in the rear console. Just concerned that in summer if it is hot and air con is on that it won't be felt by rear passengers. Are there particular models that did have rear vents?
  19. all good discussion points. Ive seen some of the vintage voltage progs as well and they do seem to undertake a lot of work in addition to the electric conversion. For me range is really not the challenge so at some point it is stick with the best looking convertible in the world and convert it or buy electric. More to follow me thinks....... As to the V8 growl, well Lexus are using synthetic noise so I am guessing this is a simple add on to any conversion!! Crazy.
  20. HI. Allegedly my system is a MK IV, I wonder if the discs I have are correct. But I'll try the new ones when they arrive and update this thread. TBH I usually use my phone for Nav these days (WAZE), it's just the language issue that started this process off.
  21. Hi Lester From the description of your discs with the car Mk2 and M3 ? The Mk3 system was CD based the Mk4 DVD based (which should be the one in your car) does the player have DVD on the front? The software came on a CD from memory. Don't want to rain on your parade Google and read the information about the BMW Mk4 DVD Nav system it does not like non standard discs or copied discs, there are many instances of erratic operation even damaged readers after using non original disc's. My 4.6is has the OEM Mk4 DVD system got the car in 2007 the Nav was always "tempremental" then I got
  22. Morning Bill The antenna issue was well known on the 5 touring didn't show up on a scan but still worth checking On our 11th generation of Wei's got the first one in 74. The black dog is a Shorthair took her on as a 10 month rehome to much prey drive and a dozy owner, she's 11 now and thinks she is a Greydog Dave
  23. Morning Ravi Welcome to the Forum Very tasty a lovely car in a beautiful spot Dave
  24. Looking for any recommendations. Trying to find the brightest LED 42 mmfestoon bulb for the boot in Z3 2000 roadster. Though everyone purchased is quite dim, can anyone recommend anyhting they have tried Many thanks Samantha
  25. πŸ‘Thanks Dave - really useful - I will look up those suggestions
  26. Dave - thanks for the response! I have not taken it to a experienced garage yet...I was just given it, a 2011 with 30,000 miles...it DOES leak a bit above the driver's seat, it is a hard-top convertible...there is a good indy garage that specializes in German autos...they will be my next stop! I see you are a 'Weimer guy'... I have Deutsch Kurzhaar's. πŸ˜‰ thanks again!
  27. Hey guys, New member to the forum. Based in Scotland. Had my BMW for 2 years now, best car I've ever owned!! 640d M Sport.
  28. Pleased to advise the satnavupgrades chap confirmed the diagnosis. New discs en route for Β£ 25. Thank you again for your help chaps!
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