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  1. Hi all hope everyone had a great new year!!! I have an annoying issue with my e38 735i She starts and runs perfect bit of a tap some times (think lifter) But the problem I need help with is the gear changing When driving along 90% of the time she is smooth and perfect but now and then when I floor it or when crawling at low speed and put foot down she seems to drop down and all I can describe it as is hesitate and then when she hits the gear she wants its a hard jolt and loud bang/clonk!! She don't do it all the time but when she does it sounds worrieing just hoping its not something expensive!! Anyone else experienced this???? She just don't seem to know what gear she wants some times and don't feel like a smooth bmw should do Any advice or help be great The car is a Bmw e38 735i v8 1999 (T) Thanks in advance Sam
  2. Hi all I have a E38 735i Just need to know what bulbs the following are Sidelights (front) All interior bulbs All bulbs from rear clusters Thanks
  3. Hi all I have an e38 735i What other BMW alloys will fit and look good ??? I seen some (don't have a go if I get this wrong) bmw mv2 alloys and love the look of the wheel but would they look right on an e38 if not what wheels would ???? Here's a pic of the ones I have on mine now
  4. Cheers guys lol Feels good to be back and be back in something that is built properly etc No doubt I shall speak to you both soon lol
  5. Hi all been on and off over the years my last bmw being a e39 530i sport but now I'm back in a E38 735i 3.5 v8 Hope you all like it
  6. Hi all I filled the tank and it's now on a millimetre under 3/4 of a tank and I done a 177.9 mile trip today mostly motorway at 70mph Is this normal fuel usage and mpg as loads of people on Facebook are disagreeing ???? It's a e39 530i sport 2001 Nearly 147000 miles
  7. Hi all last few days noticed my e39 530i seemed a bit sluggish on the gearbox When I pull off it seems to be ok and then it changes up through the box and just seems to get up to top gear to quick and then will drop down and up and down again and feels like it's holding back a bit?? Any ideas?????
  8. No lights on dash seems to run absolutely fine changed the oil and filter today Have noticed last few days she seems to be in to higher gear as sluggish and seems to skip up and down gears a bit but that's another story Engine apart from rattle seems fine Don't get hot Getting 125 miles to quarter of a tank still returning 25mpg She don't get hot
  9. Hi all got a E39 530i auto 2001 147000 miles Just noticed today a rattle when you tap accelerator and let off again Put ear as close to hot engine as could get it lol and seemed to be coming from black cover that covers cam??? Here is a video not very good but you will get the point. Just bit worried timing chain has come loose????? Thanks
  10. Right been having a good old look over the bmw today while giving it a deep clean and the buzzing nice is coming from the circle fuel pump plates under rear seats????
  11. Will have a look and listen when next go out in it lol
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