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  1. Truth be told, footage makes for great entertainment on YouTube but I can’t see the real value of owning one.
  2. Hi Folks, I have not been around for some time and since joining changed my BM a couple of times. My last being a 640d well I now have a spanking M6 fresh out the box. I’ll do some more pictures soon, thanks for looking.
  3. Hello and welcome, check out the 'How to Guide' :-)
  4. GBM6


    I'd have made the trip from Wales but I've still got unresolved issues with the Premier League so any meets before the end of the season are a no no for me, sorry
  5. From a Street Ka to a real Street Car, welcome Jurgen. Oh, thanks for the piccie the Z looks smart ;-)
  6. Been there myself, Odiham, that is. Also have memories of Lynham. Long tome ago now. Thanks for the pics. What's with the frog plates?
  7. Welcome Law, I echo the bit about pictures, of the car that is!!!
  8. Hi Steve welcome to the club. Can we have some pictures please. BTW, someone has to work in Hampshire ;-)
  9. Welcome to the club Jon, hope you can find some time to post piccies of your 6er ;-)
  10. James this might help. http://www.bmw.co.uk/en_GB/topics/discover-bmw/bmwevents/eventsgolfsport/pgachampionship/bmw-owner-exclusives.html
  11. Hi and welcome Connor, I'm sure you'll fit right in ;-)
  12. GBM6


    Welcome to the club Steve, very smart looking motor ;-)
  13. Welcome to the mad house Kieran, very nice looking 1er with what I imagine pretty fair get up and go.
  14. GBM6


    Hi and welcome to the club James. I would like some pictures of the BMer when possible.
  15. No Richard you don't need to be a premium member. Have you had a look at this ;-) http://www.bmwownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/37-how-to-post-pictures/
  16. Have you looked at this? http://www.bmwsections.com/docs/3series/
  17. Blimey that's a bit of a worry, all those lumps everywhere. Anyway welcome to the club Richard some pictures of the bump generator would be nice ;-)
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