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  1. Hi, I’m getting bored of my amber interior leds and I’m trying to bring my 09 3 series coupe a bit of a refresh I’ve done all the main standard white leds all over but the gauges, climate controls, ambient lighting strips, idrive controller are all still amber Ive seen conversations on the gauges but the other pieces look rarer, I was thinking I’d like to try white and blue combo like the electric BMW’s I have a black and cream interior so think it could look ok, does anyone have any info on where I could get it done or instructions (I’m an amateur but not a total novice with these things) jus
  2. I’ve just pulled the small plastic storage compartment out of the boot the one that sits over the passenger side real wheel, once I’d pulled it out I literally say a pool of water!!!! About 2CM deep! I saw a black bung in the space the water is pooling in and (maybe stupidly) decided to pull it out, the water drained out onto the floor from just behind the real wheel! Obviously now I’m in a panic, has anyone else had this? And why is there a plug there!? Help would be much appreciated!!!!
  3. Thanks again Dave, I work in the NHS so I emailed my local BMW dealership and asked if they could do any better they said they will sell me a battery/ fit it/ code it and do a couple of recalls that needed doing for £250 inc VAT, feels ridiculous paying someone to fit a battery! (Emasculating even!) But this is my first bmw and I want it to run smoothly!
  4. Yes Dave the power pack was under the bonnet, and by the looks of it I think it could well be the original battery which is pretty impressive given it’s a 2009 car! A neighbour of mine offered to jump start it and we got it going so I’m relived as it’s almost definitely just the battery!, now my next problem is finding a replacement that Dosnt cost the earth and getting it coded! Euro car parts had one battery for my model which cost £503!!! Nearly fell off my chair! kwikfit do one for £200 but Havnt gotten back to me on the registration yet, I do have a BimmerCode OBD but I’m cautious ove
  5. Hey guys, I own an E92 - 330d - coupe - 120k - 2009 ,I drove it lastnight then tried again this morning, everything as normal (lights, power, radio, screen all fine) put the key fob in and pressed start, I just hear a “click” no start up, power flips off then back on, I have had the orange “raised car sign” then the “increased battery discharge” message a few times recently so I’m really hoping it’s the battery, but I’ve tried a powerpack and didn’t make a difference, the steering wheel is locked, can anyone help or have had the same scenario? some advice would be much appreciated, thanks
  6. Haha cheers Dave I will look into the bulb brands you mentioned, I just want to bring my BMW up to date a little, also this morning have noticed a slight shake when I start the engine on idling not sure if I’m being paranoid (My first diesel) but always am when I’ve first bought a new car! Thanks again Dave
  7. Hi all, I’ve owned my 2009 3 series coupe for a week now,absolutely love it it’s my first BMW, it has the very tired looking dull DRL halo’s which I’d like to change to a white light does anyone have any suggestions on what bulbs I need and where to get them without bankrupting me!? The other problem the car has is when I use the screen wash the washer arms under the headlights don’t retract properly. I have to press them back into place, one of them is kind of hanging by springs the other seems more solid, I’ve also been looking to do something with the phone charger,can they be adapted for
  8. Thanks Dave really appreciate the advice, I’m looking at a promising looking 3 series on Thursday it’s a 2 hour drive away but ticks ALL the boxes,it’s only bad point (which might not be a bad point) is it has the ivory colour interior,I’m a little worried about getting 11 year old carpets to my OCD levels of spotless! But I can get dark mats and carpet shampoo! It also has the wood grain looking panels but they can be replaced easily in time, it has 117k miles on the clock which is obviously something to give a lot of thought to but on my wage it’s not possible to get one with low miles, some
  9. Not to worry ,I decided against it when the owner claimed he didn't know what a service history was!!!!!!!! on to the next one I guess, any advice would be greatly appreciated though!
  10. Hi all, I've been looking for months for a black 3 series coupe with idrive,29inch alloys ,auto, for a reasonable price. I work in the NHS as an HCA so I'm not exactly flush for cash (my budget is £6k) I've seen one on auto trader (2011) that ticks all my boxes and has 81k on the clock, I realise it wont be perfect at that price but obviously want to do the best I can with it. I've looked into the cars MOT's online and it passed its last one in December 2019 but had a list of advisories that worried me, .front brake discs worn-pitted-scored but ok .rear brakes discs pads worn but ok
  11. Thanks a lot Dave, Definitely food for thought, what you’ve said makes a lot of sense I was literally just telling a mate of mine that it’s so hard to find a 3 series that ticks every box, if I find one in the colour a colour I like with Idrive nice alloys and reasonable price it will then have red leather interior, or I will find one vice Versa right colour inside and out good price ......no Idrive! .I’ve been searching daily for around 2months with no luck, I think I may have to eventually forgo the Idrive but (after owning an RX8 that you have to constantly check levels on) I really love th
  12. Hi my names Will. I have always loved the look of the 3 series and after 5 years of owning a Mazda RX8 think its time to get one,i work in the NHS in a pretty low paid role and the rx8 is killing me on fuel each week so im looking for a nice Black,grey or silver 3 series coupe ive scoured auto trader and fell in love with a grey 2010 model but someone got to it before I could, im a gadget geek and want one with I-drive (the later version that can be updated by usb) my budget is £5,500.It was not my original plan but I think id go automatic this time around. if anyone can help,knoows where to p
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