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Bmw Fb Oc - The Run 23Rd Feb - Breaking A Guinness World Record

Simon Chapman

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some of you may be on facebook.. some of you may not..

We are BMW FB OC (BMW Facebook Owners Club), as stated, one located where the majority of people are in todays day, Facebook. Why? Mainly due to the convenience and ease for people to connect, ask questions, and quickly get a response.

We're a club, for clubs, we dont want to poach members, we invite clubs such as this one, to participate in the events we put on and enjoy doing so.

We've been around approx 9 months now, yet we also seem to be one of the most active amongst forums. We threw our first large scale event last year in November with an attendance larger than most have ever seen with a variety greater than you could imagine..

So I bring you to our next Event, we've named it 'The Run', the reason for this is simple, we're going to be convoying from one location to another down the A24, which if unknown to you is a really nice and reknowned road for a drive. In addition to this, we're going to be attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the longest convoy of BMW cars. The record currently sits at 278 Isseta's, it was the closest and what the GWR team deemed our category to suit.

As it stands we have around 700 cars coming to this, people from all over the UK. following our last event we gained quite the rep to pull off decent events, and it shows with the current build and buzz that is circulating the BMW owner world.

So the details..

It starts @ 4pm 23rd Feb 2013 (saturday) at the new Cobham Services on the M25 (situated between junctions 9 and 10.

We will then be driving to an undisclosed location (just to make it all the more exciting - but dont worry, it shouldnt be any longer than 45mins in distance).

We wont be leaving the services until around 6:30/7pm - which will give people enough time to arrive, and have a ponder around the other owners cars.. if you're running late and fear you wont get a chance to have a walk around, dont worry, you'll have the opportunity at the final location.

I hope some more of you can attend, we're aiming for the big 1000, and with the way the numbers are increasing i think it might just be possible.

So either get on facebook and come say hello, or simply turn up and we'll see you there.

For the event visit


For details about BMW FB OC



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