Heater Blowers Not Working - Fix

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hi my heater blowers dont work, cold does but hot doesnt, i got an E36 digital heater control, i been told its possible that there are 2 cylinders at the back of the engine on the drivers side with 2 water pipes connected, apparently ones for hot and ones for cold, apparently thats the problem, but im not sure, could this be a possibility?

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Hey guys perhaps you could help me?

I bought a 2002 BMW 318i 2 weeks ago and have realized i need to fix the air-con.

I bought a new FSU/FSR for my BMW thinking that is why the air-con is not working. After removing the steering wheel cover etc I finally got to the (i think its called)stepping motor, mine didn't seem to be in the correct position based on the above images and it was only held in by one torq screw. I unscrewed this piece to get to the FSU/FSR and then the whole assembly came out, the stepper motor came out as one piece with the metal actuator looking arm also attached. I also noticed the plastic cover were it should have been screwed into was cracked and attempted to be re-glued(with silicone?) by the previous owner or possibly past mechanic?


I have attached 4 images, the air ducting pipe I cannot workout how to remove, the before and after shots after fixing the broken plastic, the old and new FSU/FSR, and the stepping motor.


* Is the stepping motor possibly the reason why the air blower never worked in the first place?

* How can i dismantle the black air ducting pipe which is behind the leather to be able to reassemble and mount the stepper motor the correct way?

* What is the next part to look into changing if none of the above fix the blower issue?


how to reconnect.JPG

old and new resistors.JPG

plastic venting.JPG


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