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Good Afternoon everybody.

 My name is Jamie, i'm 58, male, and love inflicting mecanical hell on myself. I have owned too many cars to recount over the years, but have a particular flair for buying troubled 4x4's.......4 x Discovery 1's, 3 x Range Rover Classic's, 2 x P38 Range Rover's, 2 x L322 Range Rover's, and 3 x Freelanders. I have been doing oily battle with cars and HGV's most of my life and still feel like a rookie too often. My new chosen trial is a 2003 X5 3.0D Sport with 180k miles, she's silver with a black interior, and apart from the noisey bearing and heavy steering she drove well, and only used about £60 worth of diesel.

 So yesterday my wife and I took a 250 mile train trip to sunny Devon to pick up my first X5, followed by a 250 mile drive home with a groaning n/s/f wheel bearing. The car drove OK but seems down on power, has various warning lights taped over, head unit hanging out of dash, and i'm sure plenty of other, as yet undiscovered faults.

Lucky i'm totally mad i guess. Anyway, i'll no doubt discuss and share my various exploits as i bring her back to her former glory.

 Have a great day all.



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Morning Jamie

Welcome to the Forum

As you have had a few "practice" models the E53 will be a doddle 😂🤣

All E53's feel heavy on the steering my wife won't drive the X5's unless it is essential (can be a bonus) 

Enjoy your new hobby


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