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spline tool locking wheel nuts

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hi guys  another newby here,   i just bought my first x5 & i am very happy with what i have bought, i have been after one for ages and now i have one at last,  a problem though, just before i bought it it had some new tyres fitted,  2 of the locking wheel nuts are missing & the spline locking tool is missing also, so i have 2 locking wheelnuts on the car with no tool to undo them   is there a way i can get the right spline tool for the job,  tia for any answers

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Morning Paul

Welcome to the Forum

What model E53 3.0i, 3.0d,V8 4.8 or E70 3.0d or V8 4.8

From what you say if you brought from a Dealer go back and make it their responsibility to get the problem sorted.

As for the existing situation I would think the splined tool has been stripped or damaged by a gorilla at the tyre shop using a windy gun on full torque !!! You say 2 locking bolts are missing I hope they didn't just leave them off ?

If you contact your BMW Dealer parts department and give them the Vin number they may be able to help with replacements. If not there are removal kits and quite a few of the better tyre shops will actually remove them but not take responsibility for any damage caused (normally to the bolt) so you will need a replacement set obviously if your using a Garage/Tyre Centre there will be a cost.

Now the tyres I hope all 4 were changed and that they are the correct sizes if they are mismatched there is a danger that the rolling radius front/rear is slightly different and transmission damage can occur.

Sorry if that's not the news you wanted


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