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M140 Audio

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Hi chaps

new person here with what I hope isn't  the dullest subject on the planet..... but, I'm looking for some plug and play audio options for a recently acquired M140 with basic sound package.

all advice welcome and many thanks in advance.


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Morning George

Welcome to the Forum

Very tasty motor matey

First is to establish your starting point, do you have the Basic or High audio set up. Second what do you want to add, which may not be straight forward or inexpensive with the BMW system as it will require some recoding

If you are looking to add Carplay or Android auto and Apps there are options one of the easiest is changing the screen for an Android unit, all standard functions remain plus of course all the addionalt apps and phone connectivity


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Hi Dave.

Thank you for responding. 👍 Yes she's a real cracker of a car 👌 the car is a low mileage base model M140 with what I understand to be the basic sound pack. I'd like to add front door high level sensors and a sub. Is it a lot of aggravation to get this stuff fitted and coded ? Are there any after market packages available ? I would love to know 😊

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Hi George

So the original owner just listened to the exhaust note 😅

You could use a BMW Vin decoder to get your original build spec

As I understand it you need the Amp to take advantage of the full speaker set up with luck the wiring is all there or adding bits to the loom could be a fiddly process. Once the Amp and speakers are there they will need enabling through the diagnostic software 

Good Luck with your project


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