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BMW X1 Fuel sensor failure.

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Hi there

we have a BMW X1 year 2015. We have just had a fuel sensor failure and the replacement is £4,000. This is crazy money for what i would consider a BMW design fault. Has any one else had this problem? It does not look like there is a recall to sort this. The failure has resulted in diesel flooding the wiring harness, damaged oxygen sensor and fuel line! 

I would appreciate any feedback



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Morning Steve

Welcome to the Forum

Not a good situation if you are trying to gather evidence that this is a known fault all you can do it trawl the International forums as well as the UK.

BMW don't make the sensors they buy them so while it is a sensor made to BMW specification if there is a faulty one in a batch it would be difficult to identify. There was a rare fault with temp sensors leaking and coolant wicking up the loom corroding pins at the DME/DDE in the early 2000's but as I say rare. The price quoted seems very high what are they changing the high pressure fuel pump as well?

As with anything BMW once it is out of their Warranty responsibility they will try to wash their hands, so do many other manufacturers sadly Then worse they never repair any item they just replace with new plus worse (i believe) keep the old components so nothing is learned by the after market industry. So I would want to know exactly what components they propose to change with Dealer Hourly rates of around £200 per hr so easy to reach £4k don't forget to add VAT

You do have alternatives for getting your car back on the road, If you are not a DIY person I think you need the help of either a BMW specialist or a Good Independent Garage where hourly rates will be much lower. I would change the Fuel Pressure sensor, the O2 sensor can be tested and changed if it has failed, the Loom likewise can be tested for continuity and faults and only changed it there are serious faults (It will dry out) If a replacement High Pressure pump is required check the Specialist BMW recyclers there are several really good ones out there these days.



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Hi Steven, Greydog, I have BMW x1 on 16 plate 2.0 diesel. This fault happened to me September 2022 when engine management light came on. As bmw main dealership wanted £150 to diagnose I went to a local specialist. He new the fault immediately after pulling a few connectors apart. Diesel dripping out all over. Diesel pressure sensor fails and leaks into wiring. Went to bmw to ask for good will repair and they refused point blank as the quote was £4000. This was to replace just about everything, wiring loom, sensors diesel ECU etc. I was unwilling to pay that amount so went to a local garage that washed out all the sensors and wiring, replaced the leaking pressure sensor for £380. It's working fine, no issues with running except MAF sensor keeps flagging fault, so I think that may have been contaminated also. I think the diesel will dry out eventually if it's washed out of the connectors with switch cleaner used on electrical circuits. Hope this helps.

Regards Andy 

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Thanks Andy 

Great information 

BMW Dealers follow BMW guide lines sadly which has led to there "Technicians" not actually repairing anything, all they do is change units at their customers expense. Then wonder why they don't see many cars outside Warranty??

They will often advise changing complete units even if the cost exceeds the value of the car 







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I've had the same fault occur on my wife's (2016) 218d Luxury Active Tourer.  Been quoted £3k to replace ECU, wiring harness and fuel pressure sensor.  I asked for goodwill gesture as it was a component supplied by BMW that failed and caused the consequential damage.  I was refused point blank.  I'm going to lift the car from the dealership and have it fixed by an independent mechanic/ BMW specialist.

If it was the sensor failing I guess I wouldn't mind replacing the sensor itself but the consequential damage caused by the design is the hard part to stomach.

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This is a known fault to BMW and they should recall on the issue. When the fuel sensor fails it allows fuel to leak and create havoc/damage, so yes we agree.

We were quoted £4000, we complained to BMW and were offered half, we still felt that we should have been advised and given the opportunity to replace the sensor at £150, so ended up paying £1500, reluctantly! Stick to your guns, they know this is a design fault, shameful. 

We bought a BMW for its safety record and reliability, such a disappointment when this sort of thing happens and shows utter disrespect to loyal owners.

Good luck!

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Thanks guys.  My car has been outside of the BMW network though since I bought it (for servicing etc.), so I guess they would not have had the opportunity to "advise" me at any point.  It has been regularly serviced though, but by an independent mechanic.

BMW will still get the parts sales though as the specialist I am using needs to order the fuel pipes, and also suggested a MAF sensor.  From other reports I've read this seems to be prudent to change the MAF also.

I have made the decision to go with an independent BMW specialist who has quoted me a ~30% of what BMW were originally asking for.

Sheila, how long did it take for you to get an agreement from BMW?

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This is a common problem on X1's. 

Possible causes could include:

Sensor Malfunction: The fuel sensor itself might be malfunctioning, leading to inaccurate readings and subsequent issues.

Wiring Issues: There could be a problem in the wiring associated with the fuel sensor, causing a short circuit or other electrical problems.

Fuel Contamination: If there's impurity or water contamination in the fuel, it might affect the sensor and lead to broader issues in the system.

Software Glitch: Occasionally, electronic control unit (ECU) software glitches can cause sensor malfunctions.

Drop us a call on 0114 272 5108 or visit us here https://quarrymotors.co.uk/ 

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An update on my car.  I moved to take the car from the BMW dealership and they asked me to bear with them while they pushed on BMW for assistance.  They agreed to assist for 50% so I said to go ahead as I would have had to pay £120+ for recovery from the dealership.

When I picked it up I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that BMW were meeting the total cost.  All good, or so I thought....

A few weeks later when I was driving the car it started to miss and choke under acceleration.  I phoned BMW immediately and they were able to remote in - 2 faults showed up - MAF and turbocharger.  The lights went out and iit was driving ok.

Roll on another week and I got into it at the weekend.  Engine warning light lit up.  After two stops the warning light went out.  I phoned BMW on Monday and then left the car with them yesterday.

Got a report back this morning - it apparently has a seized turbo actuator.  The fix - new turbocharger.  The cost, another £3k.  I'm gobsmacked at this - the car only has 72k miles on it.

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Morning Dee

BMW strike again ??? Their standard response is change the complete part at BMW New price ??? BMW do not make Turbo Chargers they buy them in

Talk to a Turbo specialist they will be a much better bet as they actually fix issues. They will also be very aware of any known issues




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Thanks Guys, I’ve read these threads which helped my identify the problem, bought the fuel pipe with sensor parts from BMW £240, watched a few videos and took on the job, 1 1/2 hours later all good. I’ll chance that the DDE maybe flooded if that causes a problem it can be fixed for about £280, not the end of the world and a mile away from £4000. It’s a fiddle trying to get to all the pipes made a bit easier by taking a few things off or moved to make room. If you are thinking of tackling this yourself take your time and plan what to move out of the way and take photos so you can put them back


good luck

thanks again 

cheers for now


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