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f10 5 Series fixings help.

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Hello, I recently needed to replace the TMS Module that you can get access to just in front of the wheel inside arch and accidentally managed to drop the t20 torx allen key I was using to unscrew the fixings into the bumper area below the headlight unit.

Luckily I was able to retrieve it by taking off some of the 8mm hex head bolts that hold the wheel arch lining in place but when it came to re attaching the lining the screws were rusted and one of them snapped and I am now looking for a replacement but I am not sure on the exact size I need as its not something I'm that experienced with.

All I know for sure is that the screw head is 8mm hex but not the other dimensions. The ones being taken off in the video I have linked.

From What I have seen I think its 4.8 x 16mm 8mm hex head self tapping screws with the OEM part number: 07119901299

Does anyone happen to have any experience with this or know which ones I need? Thanks.

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Morning Michael

Take a look at www.realoem.com it is a BMW online parts list either search the sections manually or put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Look in the body section I would think it will give you a list of all the fixings and where they go


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Hello Dave

I have looked on Realoem.com with my vin but cant seem to find the part I'm looking for. Under the body section I cannot find a under wheel arch section or something similar. Unless I am looking in the wrong place.

Tbh I don't know what category the part I'm looking for would be under. 

Also would a screw with the same dimensions also fit? As looking around at some BMW screws its £8 for a single screw which is insane, plus I would not mind getting a few extra as spares.

Also I am having a hard time replying as it keeps saying *email thought to be spam bot* and similar notifications.   

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Morning Mike 

You will find it in the trim section just scroll down till you see it 

As for the fixings Plastic Clips tend to be specific so BMW or Ebay for then but trim screws etc I get the size then call BMW parts a Local Fasteners Company and again Ebay for the best price/availability after all BMW don't make them just buy them in. On some of the suspension Bolts BMW use a specific thread pitch so finding them can be a faff




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