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Auto gearbox "braking"

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Loving my first month of owning my 2018 20D Xdrive Xline. 1 query I do have is regarding autogearbox "braking" ie coming off the throttle I'd expect some engine braking but I'm not experiencing anything,  almost feels like she's freewheeling,  is there a way to check, set, reset anything? I've got Bimmercode with licences for both android (my phone), and IOS (my Ipad). 

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Morning Richard

The Gearbox has very little braking effect in normal driving there are hill descent settings which give some braking and even change down a gear but from memory (dangerous) that only kicks in at speeds below 30mph

Or are you talking about the emergency braking system fitted to some models with cameras?


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Just meant ordinary speed reduction when slowing down.  Have just come from an EV which had regenerative braking which I accept is  a totally different thing. Thanks for putting my mind to rest

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