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So, I was having issues w my O2 Sensors, was popping up all codes (in attachments) 

I replaced all 4 sensors with OEM new ones 

Drove around for over 50-75 miles 

I make sure to reset the light when I drive. 

Light still comes on immediately turning off & on the engine the light still comes on. 

so I went ahead and did more research and found out my O2 sensor FUSE was blown in the engine bay fuse box.

While I was doing all of this, it was raining outside and my d***!Removed! left the lid open to the fuse box in the engine bay, NOW my car wont start but shows signs of power. 
It just clicks.

& I’m sure it’s not my battery because I start it up everyday hoping this check engine light goes off. Right when I find the possible solution to the check engine light,  I get f**** by the rain. Even last night it did turn it on. 
Now I’m stressing on what to do now. I tried drying it w a hair dryer, it has only been 3-4 hours. I unplugged some of the fuses and relays for it to dry. 
Now my next idea is to wait 24 hours.

But if that doesn’t work can someone please tell me what I should be looking at. 





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Morning Kobe

Welcome to the Forum

First break down the issues you have the O2 sensor will not stop the car starting so the priority is to find out why it won't start.

You have had water in the main engine fuse box I would pull the starter relay and check it while there check all the relays. Don't dismiss the battery check it or get it checked you should measure 12.5v to 12.8v at the charging points under the bonnet engine off ignition on. Anything below 12.5 will indicate a discharged or dying battery, first action fully charge the battery.

Make sure the Main Fuse box is fully dried out, check each fuse and relay as already said and replace as required (don't just look at them test them). Then if the water ingress didn't cause any other damage, start the car.

Your O2 sensor fault indicates the Heater circuit so with the fuse and sensors replaced fingers crossed it should be OK. Disconnect the battery in the boot (Neg First) for at least 15min to reset the fault codes, then run the car and rescan.

Good Luck


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Yes, I know that the sensors doesn’t cause my car to NOT start bc it was fine before the rain got into my fuse box, but after some water got into the fuse box it is now completely dead, and no signs of power next morning, which is today. 

my windows wouldn’t roll down as well yesterday, before the car lost all of its power, when it had some juice left

but best option now is to check the battery? 
also how does the relay fuse look like? I tried looking all over the internet but still can’t find any idea where it is in the engine bay fuse box. 

also should I jumpstart the car or just get a new/recharged battery?

06 BMW 530i 

thank you for the help

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