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2010 x3, Which Generation?


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Morning Scott

Welcome to the Forum

You can put the last 7 digits of the Vin number into the search box in www.realoem.com it will bring up information on Model, and Manufacture plus a complete parts list if needed. just google while viewing


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X3 E83 LCI (2006-2910) 

The keys work to start the car, but there are no remote features, and I guess the batteries are dead. The seller gave us two original keys, a valet key, and two new blanks. I tried to program the blanks as remotes. I watched videos about changing the batteries, and those are the old “E3?” keys that aren’t meant to have batteries changed. 

The boy is happy. It’s his first car.

But I’m wondering how big of an expense fixing this will be. I wonder if going to the dealer is the right route. 

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