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IDrive asleep or dead?

Jim slade

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Hi friends.. Firstly thanks for reading this even if you can't help, I appreciate that. I had a battery go flat on my 635,when I got a new one fitted my idrive controller and buttons don't work. The screen boots up but everything involving the controller and its button is dead.. I can use the CD and pre set FM stations but nothing else. A friend of mine connected a scanning device which came up with code E1CD but I can't find any trace of this anywhere except someone asking the same question related to an idrive but no solutions were given. I've tried the reset holding the volume, power button down and taking the neg lead off the battery but nothing.. If its the idrive then at least I know that, but would there be a way to determine this 100% so I don't rip everything out and the problem is still there.. 

One thing for sure is that you guys know far more than me so if you have any ideas how I can maybe find out its totally no good or if theres some sort of software reboot trick I can try.. Anyway.. All the best and many thanks for reading.. 


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Morning James

Welcome to the Forum

When your Battery was replaced was it (a) correct for your car? (b) fitted correctly and registered to the chassis

I don't recognise the fault code that your friend found, all the BMW codes that I am aware of start with either a "P" "B" or "C" followed by a "0" or "1" 

I think as your radio works CD works and the screen boots up it may just be a Controller issue but to be sure you either need to get the car scanned by a Garage or someone who has a BMW capable diagnostic program like ISTA/INPA or maybe Foxwell or Icarsoft Autologic also may work. 

Or you could remove your controller and get it tested and repaired if it needs it maybe even replaced just make sure the part number is correct for your car if buying online

Hope this helps not hinders


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