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Im selling my 1 series 2012, its been off for about 3 weeks but prior to this drove perfect no problems. I had someone come over to buy it 3 romanians when we went for a test drive all the lights come on the dash ..... i fear a wire has been cut deliberately i have oil in the water coolant and one of the wires is wet in a certin spot and oil all over the floor help please 

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Morning Jason

Welcome to the Forum

Oh dear seems you are a victim of the car scammers

They have probably unplugged a sensor, a small amount of oil tipped into the header tank then tell you "Head Gasket is gone" "engine Warning light" we will offer half or less and still take it !!!

If you can't DIY you need a proper mechanic or a garage to help. Coolant needs flushing and replacing clean up the oil, a Diagnostic check will show which sensor has been tampered with.

Lesson learned only one person around the car with you watching if they won't do that NO SALE or trade the car in or use one of the car buying groups you may get a little less but zero stress

Good Luck sorting it and finding a genuine sale


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