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2001 x5 radio


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Morning Aaron

Welcome to the Forum

Never seen that before in the E53 the video signal comes from the Nav Unit with a default screen (Blue) with limited menu options that comes from the TV unit (even if it is still analogue) 

So a few thoughts has work been carried out in the Boot? The left-hand cubby houses the CD unit the Nav unit Bluetooth etc. Your radio (BM54) and TV module live under the spare wheel 

I have seen a Nav unit bricked by someone putting a Film DVD into it thinking they could watch a film as the Unit has DVD on the front. But in that case, it simply reverted to the Blue screen. All communication with the Headunit comes from the BM54 Radio which has a fuse under the main quadloc connector if that is OK then unplug the Nav unit see if that makes a difference. Also if any extras have been connected unplug them 

The last step would be a diagnostic scan using BMW 1.4.0 or INPA/ISTA as they will read the Infotainment system 


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