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BMW X3 2009

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I have a 2009 BMW X3 and trying to find out where the rain is getting into the front footwells of the car.

I have cleared out the drains on either side of the engine bay, and spoken to a couple of mechanics that have not been able to help.

I don't have a sunroof on the car, and I can't think where to look next.

Is this a common fault and is there any recommendations??



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Morning P

Welcome to the Forum

First make sure it doesn't smell of anti-freeze, have you lost any coolant lately?

Check the membrane behind the door cards if it has been disturbed or damaged a surprising amount of water can get inside. I take the door card off and use a Talc Puffer around the bottom edges of the membrane then run the jet wash outside against the window seal you will see any run marks in the talc very quickly. I use a Heat gun on a low setting to soften the adhesive for repositioning if the membrane is torn either replace it (either buy one ££ or if you have a piece of clear plastic sheet or as one of my sons used on his pickup truck bubble wrap) or repair if you can (Gaffer tape 😁) Also make sure the drains in the Door bottoms are clear

Good Luck finding the pesky leak


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