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I've got a 11 plate BMW X1 and I've just forked out £1200 to get it through its MOT and also paid for the mass dual fly wheel to be replaced as the car was juddering on acceleration. It's still a problem and the garage have advised it's the transfer box which has been quoted at £2-6k to fix. Has anyone come across this problem?


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Morning Louise

Welcome to the Forum

First the price quoted was that by a BMW Dealer (they replace not repair)? I guess it was. Second check your tyres carefully, have any been changed lately if so are they the correct size and make? If the tyres are not all correct for your car then transfer case damage is common (Not just to BMW but most AWD cars)

When did the transfer case have its fluid changed?

There are several Transmission specialist out there who now rebuild transfer boxes, Google is your friend to find them


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