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Update original radio/ cassette

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Sorry if this has been asked before.

I have a 2002 325ci with the original am/fm radio/cassette....no cd.

Pre face-lift model.

There are lots of people on ebay offering upgrades to cd,Bluetooth, cd etc etc.

How easy is it to upgrade to a more modern system?

Thanks in anticipation 



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Hi Mike.

it’s really easy to fit the dual din screen versions .

you need to remove the lower Dacia below the radio and relocate it to the cubby hole below. 
get a headset with iso connections and it will plug straight in. Get one with steering wheel control interfaces and you will keep these too

 Something like this will suffice. 


hope this helps.


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Morning Mike

Welcome to the Forum

As Stu says this is a really straight forward job to do, the BMW OEM kit was not cutting edge so unless you have OCD about originality go for it

There are manufacturers like Dynavin that I know allow you to retain all the stalk and steering wheel functions and the unit is literally plug and play and designed to look OEM, plus as you have seen there are a whole raft of offers on E bay just remember the old saying you get what you pay for.



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