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X1 Electrical Issues

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Had a few possibly related issues yesterday on my 2014 X1. First the alarm went off for no apparent reason while car was sitting locked in driveway. I reset the alarm. The next day went out to the car and (dropped key fob on the way out) and the UNLOCK button on FOB did not work. Got in using key, though the door lock solenoid seemed a bit sluggish. Note the comfort feature on the driver door that allows "touch" unlocking has not worked on that door for some time. Car started right up (battery seemed strong). Turned radio on and noticed that the radio lost all the presets (I reset them), and I later noticed that other settings were "reset" such as the switch/feature that that stops the engine while sitting at a traffic light. The LOCK button on the FOB works fine (every time), but the only way I could get into the car was the key (UNLOCK button on FOB still did not work). I changed the battery in the FOB to rule that out. UNLOCK FOB button still did not work. A few hours later I went back out to the car and the FOB UNLOCK and LOCK switch both worked fine. Car seems fine today (UNLOCK and LOCK buttons on FOB work fine).. My first thought is something caused the car to lose power briefly which reset everything (why I lost presets on the radio), but that does not seem to explain why the open key on the FOB would not work, though its working now. Perhaps a an intermittently failing relay somewhere that briefly disconnected power to some features? Perhaps a weak/failing battery (though the car starts fine). Any thoughts?

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Morning Paul

Welcome to the Forum

When the car is started power to the starter is prioritised so often the current draw at start will starve many other systems. So first point of call would be a battery check a fully charged battery should show 12.8v measured at the charging points under the bonnet engine off key out of the ignition, with the engine running 14.8v will indicate the charging system is in good order.

A diagnostic scan will be able to point you towards any other issues 


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