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Dash Cam

shaun fase 430d

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Hi All,


I just bought a 67 plate 430d Xdrive Coupe. About to hardwire a front/rear dash cam but sceptical as to which fuse to highjack on the box under the boot cover. Last car was a merc and i highjacked the cigarette lighter. tried the same with the BMW but it doesnt switch off after i lock the car etc. (waited 15 mins). dont want to drain the battery so could somebody please advise or point me in the right direction to a previous discussion?




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Morning Shaun

When fitting my brother inlaws dash cam originally I took power from the Torch charging point in the glove box and fitted an inline fuse. The cam has been moved several times over the years the last refit was into his current 540d Touring this time I took power from the Sun Visor light power supply again with an inline fuse,

Your 430d has fuse boxes in the glovebox under the bonnet and in the boot the fuse box in the boot should have a fuse chart folded away. Any of the Accessory fuses should be OK to piggyback from

Hope this helps


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Hi Shaun

All the accessories should go to sleep when the car does, the cigarette lighter doesn't. So any accessory power feed should be OK just check the fuse map. 

The dash cam I have in my X5 has run off the Torch supply for 5 years with no issue

Good luck finding the solution


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hi Shaun, did you sort this in the end? Have just ordered a nextbase camera and install from halfords on Thursday as there was a good deal on. I just don't trust myself hardwiring this one like i've done in the past. I could ask which fuse they go for?

looked at the bmw active eye 3.0 but at £450 for supply and fit it was a bit too much compared to 269 by halfords. 

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