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X5 - About to buy.... 2010 > 2014


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Looking to buy a 2010+ X5

Prefer the 2010 shape to the 2014 model, but the 2014 has a nicer interior.

Looking for a black one, around the 65K mileage mark, and prefer the 40D.

Do these need timing chain replacements? Is this something I should be looking for.


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Morning Jason

Welcome to the Forum

Great choice (mind Estoril Blue is the fastest colour 🤣) my Brother Inlaw runs a 535d Touring basically the same engine. This is his 5th all his cars are brought new and he takes them to around 200k they all have a BMW history but neither of us are happy with the current extended oil service thinking (not just BMW) we carry out interim oil and filter changes every 5 to 10k  depending on how busy he is. The current engines have the timing chain at the rear of the engine so any work requires the engine out so a massive job. Before starting put your hand on the engine make sure it's cold, then start it should be quiet and smooth no rattles or noises. So History History History with evidence of an interim oil change  would help

Just my thoughts


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Morning Johnathon

Welcome to the Forum

This used to come up often with the E53 normally it was only with the Halogen Lamps but I thought the E70 were all either Xenon or Bi Xenon? Check the light units are original, there have been people who have swapped pre-LCI for LCI lamps not realising you need to upgrade the wiring. Check the actual lamp you could upgrade to Osram Night Breaker I have read lots of good reports.

I would start by checking all wiring pay attention to the earth, check realoem.com for part numbers to make sure yours are correct for your car. 


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