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New BMW X1


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Morning Tony

Welcome to the Forum

Congratulations on the X1 (which Model)

Remember the old saying "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing" well reading a Forum is a little like that. First by the nature of the beast you see issues and problems posted here some for help and some just to vent their frustration. Most posts deal with cars out of warranty and poor maintenance practices.

BMW are no worse than any other manufacturer in terms of reliability.

As an OLD engineer with an inquisitive nature I have always had a "Need to Know" how stuff works and have never accepted the "sealed for life change the whole unit" approach, while it may be more efficient for Franchised Dealers their young technicians have never learned how to actually fix things. So for those of us who like the challenge of actually fixing things there are places like this. Look on the Forum as a great big pool that we can all fish in for knowledge when we need it, sometimes for support, an sometimes for help in repairs.

So here is my BMW experience 1st BMW a 4.4 X5 brought in 2001 converted to LPG a great car that unfortunately got squashed by a falling tree in 2004 I replaced it with the current 4.6is X5 now at 160k and last Thursday a 300+mile round trip without a blink. Like all volume car makers BMW engineers are compromised by their production engineers and accountants. We have to reach the stratospheric area of Bentley, Aston, Rolls Royce etc where the design is the design and the cost is the cost yet even they have occasional hiccups.

So don't worry ENJOY your X1 



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