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X5 e70 40d - Loss of Power High gears


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Hi everyone. I am new to the forum so apologies for any noob mistakes.

I purchased an x5 a few months ago and have so many issues its unreal.

I have an old school e39 which I've owned for 10 years and have never experienced so many problems. These newer models are just not built as good - eveyone says the same thing.


My main issue with the x5 is when driving I lower gears with low revs car is fine. But once over 60/70mph and I am assuming gr 2nd turbo kicks in  there sometimes seems to be a lag and it just sticks there. Takes forever to shift after 8mph.


Been to specialists who don't know.


Egr valve been changed with a peirberg one. No difference. I'm in process of getting glow plugs changed (they are seized) but mechanices seem to think these are defo a big deal.

So booking it in soon.


Car drives fine. A bit laggy sometimes but is driveable.


I've now notcied after not driving for a few hours, when engine starts white smoke comes out exhaust.


When doin long runs on motorway engines management light randomly comes on for up to 3 hours to 3 days then dissapears again for days.


I also regularly get message on screen saying loss of power an drive carefully.


So confused guys. I'm not a mechanic so i would appreciate any advice!


I don't wanna sell it.  My fuel costs are just about averaging 23 but I'm thinking it's due to the issues I have.


Anyone heard of anything similar?



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Morning Sunji

Welcome to the Forum

First was it a Private Sale or did you buy from a Dealer, it could be an expensive fix if it's a Dealer sale you will have some protection under the sale of goods act. If Private your pretty much on your own I am afraid.

The car needs a proper diagnostic session to identify the issue or issues, you say you went to a specialist? A BMW one?

The list of suspects is quite long, it could be Turbo Waste Gate actuators, Turbo Waste Gate, main engine Air Intake valves, or even a drive train problem. Diagnostics with a BMW capable reader will show all faults logged whether they are present or not, so a competent engineer will find even intermittent issues. Also remember a sensor issue can cause other components to shut down to protect themselves and the engine so a "Fault Code" may be a symptom not the cause.

Good Luck


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Hey mate, I really appreciate the reply. 

I bought it from a trader but 3 month warranty has finished.  When I noticed the issue, my first mechanic told me the turbos work fine (as he took them out and manually moved them).


Yes was a bmw specialist with plenty of reviews and recommendations from friends.

When the egr was replaced all codes were cleared. I was advised to take it on a good test drive to see what other codes show up.

Surprise surprise that after driving over the weekend (3000 revs in manual mode) he plugged it in and a few other codes were showing 😞

I'm happy to pay the money if I know what the issue is but it's finding out what the cause is. The amount you've mentioned it could be is worrying!  


Do you reckon changing the glow plugs could make a difference? He seems to think so?

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Hi Sunji

First ignore the warranty that it came with under the sale of goods act there isnt a time limit so you could go back to the trader list the issues and tell him it's not acceptable believe it or not if push comes to shove you could demand your money back. That would be a very last resort but it may give you room to negotiate a contribution from them.

While the glow plugs (some or all six) being at fault can block the clearing of other issues if changing the glow plugs change the glow plug controller while your at it, finicky beasts these modern diesels from what you describe if the turbo vanes are moving freely the issue could be the wastegate actuators 

Good Luck hope you get it sorted they are awsome motors when on song 


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On 1/29/2022 at 4:02 AM, Djsonny3 said:

Hi Sunji did you get this issue resolved? I have recently purchased an e70 40d and shows pretty much the same symptoms you describe yours had. Hope to hear from you soon thanks


Same problem here.., if u got it solve, do let me know, thanks 

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