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Top won't go down

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I've had a 2008 Z4 for about a month. We just put a lighted wind restrictor in today. Now, the top will not go down. The windows do but not the top. The indicator light on the switch glows orange instead of red as it should. The panel in the trunk is in the right position. 

Can it be a fuse? we had to connect some wires during the installation and had them reversed on the first try. (they weren't the same colors the instructions called for.) 

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Morning Jack

Ooops I would definitely back track over everything you have done plus check the fuses. Just hope your short circuit hasn't damaged sensors or the control module

First disconnect the wind deflector (you know the connections now) If the hood works then you will know for certain that it isn't a disturbed or damaged sensor. Then reconnect the wind deflector if it all works time for a beer and a pat on the back. If not then time to get out the tester and the diagnostic scanner if the crossed wires triggered a fault in the control module it may need the fault clearing and resetting before anything works.


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