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Complete electronics failure

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Please tell me you can help....

2010 118d, car purchased on finance in March 2021, 3 weeks later electronics failed, I called bmw they advised me of a recall which is battery related, bmw recovered the car had the work done and it ran for 3 days then shut down again, I asked bmw for a full print out of the issues then contacted the sales garage again advising them of the issue that bmw advised was a power steering issue and it’s a 2k fix, they ignored this and fixed a battery terminal issue which bmw did under recall.

I left all relevant paperwork in the car and paid to have the car recovered 50 miles away, they kept the car 3 weeks to do the electrical issues, a drop link and a damper both of which were dangerous and I had fight for.

I liaised with my finance company all the way through, because it had gone over the 30 day period by law I had to give them one chance to fix it or refund me, obviously they opted to try and fix it, in the meantime I spoke with citizens advice and asked where I stood if they car was fixed and the problem resurfaced months down the line, they told me I could throw the keys in.

I’ve had the car back 4/5 weeks, did a beach run over the weekend and it shut down when I got home, if the power would have failed on the way back I may not be here now.

Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to get this repaired?.






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Hi Sarahlou

Welcome to the Forum

Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 with its amendments in 2015 there is NO 30 day limit. You need to document all the events and inform the supplying garage that you want either a satisfactory repair to make the car "suitable for purpose" or your money back. Make sure you keep the Finance Company up to speed. 

Good Luck




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First thing….. get EVERYTHING in writing… from all parties! I will tell you a horror story … a bmw 3 series was purchased through a finance company and it turned out to be a write off and repair which haven’t been picked up on a 127 point check…. Car went back, finance company was never told and after a few years, ex owner found they had been made bankrupt and nearly lost everything including family. 

secondly, take it back to the dealer you bought it from and tell them to sort it properly, contact the finance company and get them to make them sort it. It’s their car until you finish paying for it anyways. 

It’s clearly a fault that needs specialist equipment and in my opinion is not fit for purpose. 
please keep us informed of any action and please do not hesitate to use the finance company to help you with the dealership. 
good luck. 

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