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Ambient outside temperature sensor location 1 series e82

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Hi guys.. sorry I know I’ve already posted and apologies if not correct to repost... but I need to fit a new ambient temperature sensor in my e82 I’ve purchased and since found out that the previous owner must have discarded it.. yet.... I’ve no idea where I should be looking for it to plug into... I also need to fit a PDC wire loom as this is also missing!!! That’s already on order from bmw at a reasonable price of just £36.. quite good I thought!!! Have spoke to someone who suggested that the new pdc wire loom might spur of half way where the temperature sensor might connect but just was looking for anyone who knows or has knowledge..... I believe the pdc plugs into the passenger side below the headlight?? 

thanks in advance guys for any, and I mean any help!! Lol

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Morning Russell

Still fighting with the PDC ?

I would check below both headlamp areas as looms run into both areas. If you are lucky the connectors are there just tucked away. If the last owner was a real plank and cut back the loom, can't think why unless he hit something and just tore the bumper off ??

Even if that was the case you should still find the loom end/ends, your new loom will give you wire colours so all that you will need is a new connector. On my sons friends car the ambient sensor is on the drivers side bottom of the bumper


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Hi again Dave.... 

lol yeah still on the case.... so I’ve ordered a new pdc cable from bmw and when that comes I’ll removed the bumper and fit and look for the loom again for the temperature sensor.... thanks for the advise regarding where to look... great great help... 

so think I’ve figured out what he’s done, or rather why I’m now having a mare!!! . he’s had a new upgraded front bumper fitted and also upgraded the headlights to adaptive Xeon headlights... so I’d say he might of had a friend do it or done himself and not bothered with the wires for the pdc of the sensor! Can’t think why thou.... Without knowledge of the process for changing the headlights myself,  I presume one would just use the wires from the original headlights and change over...what I’m saying is I’m hoping he’s not chopped the wires just to suit the job, if you know what I mean... but your right in what you said... a plank!! 

Just for reference also because you commented of my post... I got the car back from dealers after DHL couriers agreed to pay for the new front footwell module ... all ok... they left the old module in the boot but strangely there was also my ecu unit which I presumed they changed as well! That’ll explain why I cost DHL so much for a lost package.... 


thanks again for all you advise Dave




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Morning Russ

Headlamps should have been plug and play as the engine bay looms and terminal connectors should have been there!! Which is why I think the PDC connector should be there somewhere.

Great result with DHL/BMW 

Keep us up to speed


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Do Dave......... the pdc is working... not that I require it but it stops the !Removed! beeping whenever I start the car or reverse!!! Connection was behind drivers side head lamp!! 
however!!!! , I’ve had the bumper of twice now and still unable to find the plug or wires for the ambient outside temperature sensor.... driving me mad... someone did post a pic for me showing where theirs was... although someone else also sent me a pic showing theirs in a diff position... so, still car reads 50 degrees and still get warning constantly that start stop isn’t working, presume because cars reads to hot as I’ve read online!! 

the story continues.... lol


thanks for all your advise also mate



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