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  1. Hi again Dave.... lol yeah still on the case.... so I’ve ordered a new pdc cable from bmw and when that comes I’ll removed the bumper and fit and look for the loom again for the temperature sensor.... thanks for the advise regarding where to look... great great help... so think I’ve figured out what he’s done, or rather why I’m now having a mare!!! . he’s had a new upgraded front bumper fitted and also upgraded the headlights to adaptive Xeon headlights... so I’d say he might of had a friend do it or done himself and not bothered with the wires for the pdc of the sensor! Can’t thin
  2. Hi guys.. sorry I know I’ve already posted and apologies if not correct to repost... but I need to fit a new ambient temperature sensor in my e82 I’ve purchased and since found out that the previous owner must have discarded it.. yet.... I’ve no idea where I should be looking for it to plug into... I also need to fit a PDC wire loom as this is also missing!!! That’s already on order from bmw at a reasonable price of just £36.. quite good I thought!!! Have spoke to someone who suggested that the new pdc wire loom might spur of half way where the temperature sensor might connect but just was loo
  3. Hi Rak, thanks so much for the photos.... thinks it’s pretty much the case and further investigation yesterday revealed a couple of things!!! So... I found that the engine under tray comes in 3 parts.... the Center parts there, and the passenger parts there but found that the drivers small part is missing,,, hence why I’ve not been able to find it and trace anything back!! Lol so ordered a new sensor but now comes the mission of finding where it’ll plug into once I’ve set it in position!! Don’t suppose you remember where the wire loom goes to or what the plug looks like that I should be
  4. Hi there, looking for help and advice really... so the stop start didn’t work on the 118d 11 plate I picked up... had a garage look at it and they advise the battery wasn’t giving enough power to operate it so I had them change it.. however... during this they blew the front footwell module!!! Arranged for it to be sent off via DHL courier to be repaired and returned and fitted.. NIGHTMARE BEGUN... DHL lost the parcel and after 10 days of arguing they agreed to pay Bmw nearly £2500 and had a new module ordered, fitted and coded by the main dealer... got car back yesterday.... all happy but sto
  5. Hi again Dave.... the story continues.... so the garage removed the footwell module and arranged with a company to repair and return for it to be fitted... the garage was given a choice of either sending the item or the company could arrange a courier for a set price to include courier, repair and return... don’t know how much the garage was paying simply because I never asked as I wasn’t paying... they chose to let the company arrange DHL.... cut a long story short.... DHL lost the package.... took nearly 2 weeks of going forward and backwards between the garage, the repairers and dhl.. rep
  6. Hi John.... I think he means like if you softly run your fingers over each button it’ll show what shortcut has been assigned to each button.. just softly without pushing button in.... let’s say you want radio 1 set for button 1.... tune your radio into radio 1 and then keep button 1 pushed until you see a message on Idrive screen saying “saved shortcut” ... then maybe you want the navigation option on button 5.. again open up navigation and then push and hold button 5 until you again see the message appear on screen... they will then be saved... try it and go into another radio station then pu
  7. Thanks Dave, will have a look at that site... yes front and rear comes up on Idrive and after I posted the message I took the bumper of and yep .... he’s been a plank... just removed the whole loom and obviously chucked it... will look and get replaced.... on another note.... the car went into garage just 4 days after me picking it up as just wanted to know if the service that was done and stamped in book before I collected the car was in fact done ( if your know what I mean!!) the garage called back and said all good, except the battery isn’t fully capable of allowing the start stop fungi on
  8. Hi guys.... looking for some help and advise... sorry if posted in incorrect place but I’m new to this... I’ve just purchased a 118d 2011 LCI model.... it has parking sensors front and rear and shows up on I drive... however... I have a warning show up everytime I start the car and decided to investigate the front wires, behind the bumper!! The guy said he fitted upgraded headlights which he did but said he cut a wire for then parking sensors during this and that’s why I looked there... there are no wires attached to any of the from sensors.. he obviously just chucked them away ... and ideas w
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