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So I’m 27, been driving since I was around 12 and I am finally about to be legal. I’m about to buy a 1 series to tide me over until next year when I have saved enough for an f30. 
which 1 series would you recommend buying? Anything up to 2010-2011 is an option... thankyou!

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Welcome to the Forum

One our sons friends about your age runs a 2009 120d 3 door it has been ECU tuned so runs around 200hp goes like the proverbial and still gives 40mpg plus insurance isn't crippling 

But the range is huge 3 door 5 door coupe convertible the engines petrol or diesel as the old saying goes we pay our money and make our choice. As with any second user car condition is everything, check service history and recalls are tyres in good nick and same on all corners? Make sure everything works there wont be any cheap fixes so don't fall for the only a £5 on ebay If it was that easy why didn't the last owner do it?

Good luck with the purchase


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