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TIMING CHAIN kit Aftermarket or genuine b

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Hi guys 

I have just brought a 2008 120d coupe and the timing chain needs doing, Now my question is with purchasing the kit. Aftermarket like a BGA timing chain kit from GSF or go genuine parts from bmw.? 

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Hi Si

Welcome to the Forum

Anything from BMW will be more expensive that is a given. With my 4.6 it was failed chain guides (plastic) which clogged the oil pick up causing failure. All timing chains were replaced during the engine rebuild, as it was carried out under warranty all parts were OEM the chains were FEBI who are the OEM supplier to BMW. Remember both BMW and their OEM suppliers will be disparaging about any competition. 

As an example I have replaced many of my suspension bushes with Poly Bushes. My car went in for an airbag recall when I picked it up the service manager approached with a sheet in his hand and told me my car was in his opinion unroadworthy as there were so many sub standard suspension parts which would compromise braking and handling !!. 

I would check out FEBI stockists for a kit and compare prices, someone like EuroCarParts. ECP often have discount vouchers online also so you may get a better deal that way.

Good Luck





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