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Auto Locking when car is moving

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Hi not sure if I'm still a newbie ?

I have an 08 X3 M Sport and the doors do not lock when the car is being driven (anti hijack ). Don't 

Know if it should or shouldn't.  

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Morning Linfsey

The Auto Lock/Anti Hijack feature can be turned on or off by anyone with a BMW capable diagnostic program. Program's such as iCarsoft, Autologic and several others will do it, though the most comprehensive in my opinion is ISTA/INPA or BMW 1.4.0 this will depend on when your X3 was made from memory if it was made after march 2008 it will be Dcan based and 1.4.0 will not work.

So your choices are take it to BMW talk to the (chancellor first) at Dealer labour rates it won't be cheap, BMW specialists will be less expensive as will good Independent Garages. Or you can buy a copy of a BMW Diagnostic program and run it on an old laptop (I have programs for Volvo, Mercedes and BMW) and do your own diagnostic's cost for this is variable but reasonable as generally it is about the same cost as 1 session with a garage. Or you can buy stand alone systems like iCarsoft or Autologic more expensive but it's yours and can be sold should you change car, there are also subscription diagnostic's such as Carly for BMW

So the answer is if you want the feature it is easy enough to find and turn on but it does need diagnostics, 



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