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Evening all I have a 2017 320d m sport, first bmw I’ve owned and think it’s a great car really pleased with it. I mid way through may I had the tyres changed, around 2 weeks ago I started getting a fault from the tpms. Well today it went into BMW for its warranty check and they looked at the fault, they have put it down to one faulty sensor damaged when the tyres were changed, my question is would it take 8 weeks for the fault to appear? BMW won’t cover it under warranty but have offered to repair it to the tune of £200! 
 Thanks in advance 



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Hi Neil

Welcome to the Forum

Unfortunately not an isolated occurrence these sensor dont last well (I gave up on my TPMS years ago) Makes me mad that BMW are saying unless they change the tyres then your on your own.

I did read about Amazon selling VDO TPMS sensors for about £30 each worth having a look at them and Ebay. Of course the big issue is the tyre has to come off to fit them, still cheaper than BMW though

Check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will call up your model then check wheels section to get the part number that way you know it will work, remember BMW buy them too


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