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Morning Mick

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BMW Drivers are all far to careful to need to worry about Speed Cameras 😈

I have Speed Camera alerts on the sat nav, obviously only fixed cameras but very useful in areas I am new to 


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Speed camera alerts on the Sat Nav is the way to go. 

If you have BMW fitted sat nav you could run a Tom Tom App on your phone as well. 

But like Grey Dog said who speeds? 


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I recently bought a 2012 325D Convertible and found it still had the original 2012 maps. Not good.

Found www.satnavupgrades.co.uk who were brilliant in supplying an upgrade. Since then, I have bought 2 further upgrades as they have been released so am bang up to date with maps without spending a fortune. For example, latest one has just been released, 2020-1 for the very modest price of £35. OK, so you have to do a bit of computer work to download the files and then load them onto a USB drive, but it only takes a couple of hours and that's mainly processing time.

To return to the question, the Sat-Nav in my car cannot be updated to give camera warnings. I've asked the guy who does the maps and he gave a very definitive No.

So, what I've done is plugged in my old Tom-Tom 5000 into the USB port in the centre console and left it under the drivers seat. As such, it turns on automatically when I start the car and beeps when approaching a camera which serves as a useful reminder if I've inadvertently been a little over enthusiastic with the right pedal. Rare but we're all human 🙂

Hope this helps.

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