2008 LCI 630i usb / aux sockets

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I’ve bought a 2008 630i LCI

I thought that I’d read that on the LCI models the usb & aux socket was standard, but I couldn’t find the, when I viewed the car. The car has got the mobile phone tray under the armrest - which is where 8 was expecting to find the usb and aux sockets. Do you guys know where these sockets will be, and whether  my car is likely to have them? I’d want to use a Tune2air to stream Music via Bluetooth (or at least plug my iPhone in via Bluetooth).

if it makes a difference, the car has got the professional navigation. 


Thanks in advance

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Morning Ventzi

I am not sure but thought in the Idrive settings you could enable streaming so shouldn't need the sockets, I could be wrong though. Try searching Google for a how too. Also have a look at www.newtis.info it is a BMW Technical Information site, same information used by dealers so may help from memory my brother inlaws 535 with I drive in bluetooth settings there were 2 tick boxes 1 for telephone and 1 for something like audio or streaming I can't recall which. If both are checked it should work his does.


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