Issues with my BMW

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Hi there! Could any of you give me some advice, what to check on my vehicle? The symptoms are

the engine has diesel smell

in a past month the car lost power 3 times just for like a second and after that it was fine.


i took it to the local garage they had a diagnostic on my car and told me the injector gone, which is apparently £200 per cylinder.

May I have some other clues what else could it be?


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Hi Gabor....welcome to the Club

Is it burnt Diesel or a neat unburnt fuel smell?

Fault codes from the ECU would give some information about what is occurring in the system and if it is injector related then so be it, but at £200 a pop, then it's not worth taking a chance without some more diagnostics.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers,   Trevor

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