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X3 E83 (2.0 Diesel 2007) N47


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Hi all, I've persistent error codes 4A74 and 4A79 on my X3 E83 2.0 Diesel 2007 N47!! after timing chain kit replacement, glowplug + glow plug unit. The car cranks very well but won't start, codes reappear as soon as they are cleared.

Any help will be very appreciated..

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Hi Jarmisson....welcome to the Forum

It appears that the Glow Plug Control Module is usually at fault when these codes appear.

Also check for chaffed wiring leading to or from the moduel


Let us know what you find

Cheers  Trevor

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Thank you so much Trevor, I replaced the glow plugs unit relay by a genuine and disappeared all the error, so no more fault codes stored in the ECU but still not start, tomorrow I'll get a Bosch brand new battery.. When I turn the key to position two I never hear the fuel pump, is it normal for it not making any noise?

Any help will be much appreciated





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Hi all.. I don't on't usually write posts but I thought this may help.. 

I Had fault codes 4a79 and 4a74.. Which indicator a Problem with glow plug module or glow plugs themselves.. I change all the above and codes still not clearing so I look into any other codes that may be stored on the car.. I had a fault code that pointed towards the aux water pump which works the rest function on you ac unit.. I unplugged the pump.. Gave it a wiggle as I put it back in.. Cleared that code and then I was able to clear the above codes which I know has cause many people problems.. Hope this is the case for others on here and how this helps 🤞🤞

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Have 2008 X3 E83 N47 2.0 diesel nonstop problems since i purchased it second hand xmas of 2020 with 3 mths guarantee and a month later problems started.

Had it checked and inspevted first time by sytner as i had noises coming from bottom while in slow traffic. Felt like everything was banging about setting off very  slow and slowing down at low speeds. They found a driveshaft not even connected to diff. All fixed and replaced incl thee sideshafts, oil leaks fixed. Within a week still had same noises but also fetl like misfire or a bicycle chain jumping sprocket when pulling away or slowing down at slow speeds.

Back to sytner for a check and a test drive from the "experts". this time found vertical front suspension strut on either side plus a front left ball joint the culprit for bangs, noises and the feeling that the bottom and top of this car were coming apart. Nothing about the misfire and stuttering when pulling away or slowing down. i was however informed of a rear sideshaft outer boot which was leaking grease and split as leaking grease evident. 

I replaced both struts and balljoint as directed. On getting ready to replace sideshaft with greaseless boot found boot perfect with visible grease from a previous replacement which mechanic failed to clean up after.

i even replaced an injector some other "BMW Specialist" diagnosed as the misfire problem.

And today £5000 price and over £2500 repairs and guess what ? still not sorted. Even the agents cannot diagnose the correct repairs but pluck at straws. 

Am very close to setting it alight as a charity bonfire to get some value from it.

Sold my old Pajero after missus bugged me to upgrade to a decent car !!

Guy refuses to sell it back to me.

Had a 125 Bmw scooter lasted 2years and done 26 000 miles without a hiccup and sold to as courier.

Still got my almost newly bought 1997 Z3. Engine runs smooth as silk just replace body and suspension parts periodically. Easy to work on, less silly electronics.

Been in different Beemers from TI's, box shape 320, 318I, then Z3.... used to promote as best value second hand vehicle ..... no more..... never have i regretted buying a car so much.

Most probably use Z3 this week then take it back to Sytner for another eenie, meenie, mynie ...mo diagnosis and see what the "specialists" come up with.

Nicolaas Zaayman

Coalville, Leicestershire




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Welcome to the Forum

By the fact you had 3 months Warranty you purchased from a Dealer

If so you still have protection under the Sale of Goods Act, ask the supplying Dealer to either Fix it Replace it, or Money back (talk to Citizens Advice)


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