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Old Bill Phil

BMW Z3 Cluster

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I have recently had a secondhand instrument cluster fitted to my Z3, after the petrol/Water gauges packed up, the speedo has 149,000 miles on, whereas

my original had a true mileage of only 65000, any one know how to change the mileage back, I realise 'clocking' is against the law, but mine is a genuine


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Morning Philip

How handy are you with a laptop? I use BMW 1.4.0 with my X5 and have used it on other peoples BMW's to read fault codes etc, if you down load the software you will need either an old laptop with Win 7 or earlier running (I had one) then just plug it into the OBD port on your car. Or there maybe a member near you who has it or similar who could help.

I know there is a function in BMW 1.4.0 software for correction of mileage the car retains the date the correction was made so it can be queried if necessary in your case you will have MOT's etc to support the change


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Hi Philip

As Dave has already mentioned, it is an easy enough process with the right equipment and morally it is not a problem to roll the mileage back as the MOT certificates will prove this to be genuine (unless of course you have done 85k miles in one year).


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        I have the software and a windows 7 laptop, but I can't seem to download the drivers I need to run and open it,

Any suggestions?

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Morning Phil

If I recall (it was sometime ago when I loaded mine) firstly is your version of Win 7 32bit or 64bit ? It gets more complicated in 64bit. My old laptop is 32bit luckily.

I made a new folder for the desktop and saved the software to the folder. Open the folder and check the drivers are there, makes it easier to locate them later.

Now click windows start and select control panel

In Control Panel select Device Manager

Select Universal Serial Bus controller

You should see BMW Scanner or similar

Right click BMW Scanner and select update drivers from the drop down menu

In the pop up Window select Browse my Computer for Software or Locate and update drivers manually (cant remember which)

A new window should open make sure sub folders box is ticked then hit browse and select the folder where your software is stored.

IIRC a window will open allowing you to select the drivers

It will return you to the Browse window and you click Next at the bottom. Your drivers should load

Now you should see a confirmation window saying best drivers installed or similar, click close

Right click BMW Scanner and select properties to check all is OK 

I dont remember if a screen pops up when you start the program asking for administrator rights or saying allow this program to make changes to this computer click yes or agree. I think the usb lead has to be plugged in also for the drivers to load properly.

Seems complicated when you write it down but it is simple enough. Now plug it into the car and start the program 

This should open with out problems Good Luck



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