Need A 5m Fakra Cable

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Hi all

Went to fit my Eonon D5150 that I purchased to replace my OEM sat nav unit in my 03 330CI to find that my original unit has a small white plug and a small blue plug instead of an ISO connector.

I've spoken to several audio shops who have said that because I have the Harmon Kardon kit everything in my car runs from the boot, the head unit is just a display screen so it will need completely stripping back and re-wiring.

I've read on various forums that this can be avoided with a 5m fakra extension cable that can run from the kit in the boot to the dash but I cannot find one anywhere

Can anyone point me in the right direction??

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What system was in your car originally? Did you have the Radio/CD in dash with the Nav in the rear, or the screen up front with the radio,nav,CD in the boot?

I am pretty sure the BMW Nav unit wont work with the Eonon headunit as the nav unit software is designed to work with the BMW I-bus and nothing else.

Doesn't your Eonon unit have built in GPS? You should only need the 5m cable extension if you had the upfront screen with everything else in the boot, then it connects to the Radio (17 or 40 pin) plug in the boot the radio, nav unit and CD become redundant.

You could fit the GPS antenna that came with Eonon or use a SMA extension cable with a SMA to SMB connector in the boot to connect to the cars antenna

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