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  1. Super cheers Strap a earth lead from alternator to body and it is now fixed Thanks for your help :)
  2. Hi Guys I have a 1989 635CSI that will not hold charge.. I have replaced the battery and altenator but when i drive lights start to go dim then when i stop it wont start as no charge. Any ideas/common faults? Thanks Tim
  3. Hi Last post i stated that car would not start. This was due to poor compression, so we filled the pots with oil over and over and 18 spark plugs later if started. The car now is a ##### to restart and back fires trying. Ticks over well enough but when you switch it off it is hard to start and again back fires. Any ideas? Thanks Tim E92 M3 E24 635 CSI
  4. Cheers It's just turns over with no attempt to start. I did think the sensors might be an issue. Bit strange .. Thanks again :)
  5. Hi Bought a bmw 635 csi that had been stood for 2 months it is MOT'd for 10 months. Put a new battery on her, drained old fuel and put fresh in but it will not start. Has great spark on all 6 plugs l, pump working as should, fuel on all 6, dried plugs and put oil in pots to create compression but it will not start. Any ideas will be greatly received Cheers Tim
  6. Hi Guys I have just bought a 635Csi highline. It will need new front wings. Does anyone have any ideas of replacements that do not cost £450.00 each. Also what are the wheels from? I am thinking old M5? see pic thanks Tim
  7. Hi All I thought that it was time i joined. I have had 20+ BMWs and over 50 cars since passing my test 14 years ago. I am like many on here a BMW Nut. I have had E30 M3, All the E30's and many E36. I once mage the mistake of buying a 1992 520i-- Yuk I now have a 2011 M3 (Manual) and i have just bought the attached to restore. It is MOT'd. Questions:- The wings are shot -- any tips on how to avoid the £450.00 per wing BMW charge Are the wheels special ? Thanks Tim
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