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  1. andy-mcq


    Sounds like a plan. Or oulton park isnt far
  2. If im free i might do. Were?
  3. andy-mcq

    3 Series E46

    Certainly have. Il take 1k and they evan come with a free car!!!! Bargain
  4. andy-mcq

    3 Series E46

    Pics are difficult as on my phone all the time. Il ask gav if he has any? Basically its on 125k or there abouts i think. 1.9 engine. M sport front bumper. M sport spoiler. The little lip one. Full leather interior. 18s 2 with new tyres. Needs exhaust welding or replacing as has a blow. Currrntly doesnt lock but ive got a repair kit just need to sort it. Bodywork is in what id say good nick. Usual rust spots startin on rear 1/4s. 6 disc changer in boot. Erm think thats it
  5. andy-mcq

    3 Series E46

    Im selling mine for 1k. Needs a little work but not much. Has plenty of mot but no tax as shopped it in. Let me no if interested.
  6. Hello there. Went to cancun for my honeymoon last year. Loved the place and will be going back. You mexicans are really nice and funny people :)
  7. Also not to far from manc land is oulton park. Find a day that has track days on and gives us somthin to watch
  8. We could do one at the trafford centre? Theres a krispy kreme there which is a popular place for meets with other groups
  9. Although good advice. Dont use tcut. It will look ok for a while but continuse use will wreck your paint
  10. Weres that god awful e36 with stickers we had on our st... Only messin snypa ;-)
  11. Is it just a cooper not a s? How funny reading this tho. Little did i no id end up with a r53 myself :-)
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