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  1. hi im kirby and im now living to close to gav to slag him off so much ( he might let me tyres down lol )
  2. i've been away a year n we still aint got there OMG lol 1196
  3. Kent it should of been a round trip of about 350 miles but with gav nav turned into a 420 mile trip car did me proud and after I got bk I would take her anywhere now she never missed a beat n surprised me with a short 130 mph blast n my foot wasn't half way on the peddle n she was still pullin like a train lol
  4. As the great grandmaster flash said White lines don't do it lol
  5. 667 dam iPhone not showin right page till I'd posted lol
  6. folowing gav nav thats where me n mart thought gav was takin us lol
  7. sprinklers r for washin the sick off deck lol
  8. if there are goldfish in it ...... its called a pond and will add £££££££££££ to the resale value lol
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