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  1. Hi, apologies for delayed reply-family emergency took me away- Car is 1997 328ic, with 50k miles-Not driven in winter, always garaged, well maintained-sweet drive! New battery-However-that same guy🤦‍♀️said he did some work on her-no idea what-He was jumping it from the battery, not from under the bonnet-I’ll need to check and see if anything is damaged? I’m jumping it from under the bonnet-lights all still work, inside and out, but the battery isn’t staying charged-It can sit for a day, start right up-then I drive for an hour or 2, and stop, all fine, drive more, then stopped for 5mn, won’t start-all lights still work- After a lot of research, I think it may be the voltage regulator, and am ordering that part-Of all my research regarding alternator, the symptoms don’t appear to be the same as the alternator being bad-Wondering if it could be a parasitic drain? I’m having a full diagnostic done on her- Oh, I did find the source of the brake light circuit warning, and know how to address that- Also found out how to fix the soft top from sticking when putting it down-works perfectly when putting up/closed-Thanks to YouTube-gotta be careful on there too-Some guys tend to be too aggressive, (sorry, personal experience), I can break things myself with enough force-don’t need help with that! I’m doing the work myself-I hope!!! Thank you for the reply’s! WISH ME LUCK! You are the best! CJS
  2. Thank you for your reply! the grinding noise was from low power steering fluid-I unfortunately had some guy check my car out-BIG mistake! he told me I needed a new power steering pump-all it needed was the fluid topped off😵‍💫 the top, yeah, that’s a problem- might need to replace- now, all lights work, battery was checked and it’s fine- however-Now car battery goes dead, and needs a jump- i was told by same guy, that the voltage alternator is bad-but, all lights work, I’m confused- it “seems” to me, (with limited knowledge), as you pointed out, that this might be wiring in the trunk- i will NEVER sell this car!!!!
  3. Thank you-I love this car! Only 55k miles on her- I’ve never had any problems until now- When it rains, it pours- climate control goes off and on intermittently-I pulled the blower fuse to stop hot air blowing at my feet-No warning on check engine- Break lights stopped working- Check engine light says “check owners manual” for “brake light circuit”-warning (it’s done that forever)-there’s nothing about break light circuit in owners manual- Vert top is sticking when putting top down-Gets stuck on the boot-Vert top closes perfectly-‘ i “think” it may all be wiring related- love this forum- Thank you again!
  4. The air intake hose is cracked, and temp fixed with duct tape- could this cause a grinding noise? could it impact the power steering?
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